Thursday, November 12, 2009


I've been really slack about updating -- first because I was bored and depressed with nothing positive to say, and then because life suddenly took an upswing, and I was busy again!

So quickly, here's a rundown of the positives:
*I have a job! I'm working with ConnectInc. Basically, we refer people to resources to find jobs or receive assistance. It's long and tedious sometimes, but in the end it's worthwhile. By the way, if you know any people having a hard time paying for prescriptions, and they have no insurance or Medicaid, send them my way -- 888-927-3230, ext. 276. We're enrolling people in a prescription assistance program right now!
*Dad! Some of you may know that a specialist told us that he does NOT have Shy-Drager, and that it doesn't appear to be a degenerative disease. Whew! The bad news, though, is that we have absolutely no idea what it might be. The next doctor appointment will be just before Thanksgiving, so be praying for clarity.
*Copper. This is our adorable little beagle. We adopted him a few weeks ago. We think he's been abused, because he's extremely shy. But he has quickly learned to be part of the Hardy household. You should see the way he follows Mom and Dad around!

Unfortunately, today he was outside during a brief period of no rain, and Dad moved the truck to let Mom drive out of the garage. Apparently, Copper thought they were both leaving, so he took off. By the time Dad realized it, Copper was nowhere to be found. We're pretty heartsick about it. Fortunately, he has his collar and nametag on, and we hope he makes his way back once the rain stops again. Anyway, I just thought I'd post so you guys could say a little prayer for this little guy. He's truly part of the family now, so we're anxious to get him back!

Thanks for your prayers -- and for your prayers for my adjustment back to life here. Things are getting easier, and working with people who so desperately need help reminds me of just how blessed I am. So I'd like to publicly repent for my negative attitude for the past few months; a big thank you to all of you who've had to put up with me! :)

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