Thursday, March 27, 2008


I like how I wrote that last entry on Monday and it showed up on Thursday. Stupid youtube embedding.

So it's after Easter -- it's almost April -- we're in the last quarter of the school year -- and it's snowed almost every single day this week. Will spring ever come????

My student teacher did come, however. And she's a UNC fan!

I suppose I should probably, you know, demonstrate effective teaching instead of updating my blog...

Mily nagy vagy Urunk!

I have a song from yesterday's worship stuck in my head, so I tried to find it online. Naturally I couldn't find it. but I did find several songs from the church I attend, and I thought you might enjoy hearing some Hungarian worship! Listen to the end and you'll hear part of How Great Thou Art.

I plan to fully enjoy my last day of spring break before I go back into the real world...

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Thanks, Kathy, for letting me steal all your pictures!

I'm dreaming of a white... Easter?!?!

yep, I drove home from the airport this morning in the snow. And we're not just talking a few flakes here. sigh. at least it's not sticking. I do hate it for Kathy and Karen, though -- it was so warm just a few days ago, and it snowed THREE times while they were here! They were troopers.

We had a great time....highlights in the slideshow! This one is mainly from the Hungarian national holiday. March 15 commemmorates the revolution of the Hungarians against the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I'm going to Crete to chaperone the senior class trip!
I'm pretty excited :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

almost spring break!

and I can't wait. I am so ready for Kathy and Karen to come!

Last night I did something a little different -- I led a book club discussion for some of the women in the community. They're reading Shakespeare, so they asked me to be their expert on Hamlet and As You Like It, and it was a lot of fun. I've decided it's a lot different discussing literature with women who choose to read voluntarily rather than students who have no choice -- and I teach three of their children, so it was kind of fun to talk with the parents for a change. Plus, it was at EB Jackson's house, and she's basically the missionary Martha Stewart, so I got excellent snacks :)
This morning I led worship time for the women's devotions. I didn't really do much -- but it was a lot of fun to pick songs. We so often get caught up singing the same old songs; it was really nice to be able to choose some great old hymns or forgotten praise choruses.
We had a baptism service at church Sunday, which was really fun. I loved it; it was so informal but full of joy. And yet -- culture shock. Apparently, Hungarians wear white to baptismal services. They've apparently never realized that white + water = see-through. It was entertaining. and by entertaining, I mean it was both funny and hugely disturbing!
The students are almost done with the yearbook. Of course, that means I have the difficult editing part ahead of me now....but the end is in sight.
Our car is finally fixed -- hallelujah. We'll see how long it lasts this time! Apparently, all those times Heather talked about how the engine was about to fall out were fairly accurate, as whatever it is that holds the motor in place was broken. Thankfully, it didn't actually fall out -- and it was a little cheaper than we expected. And more importantly, we've seen again just how great this community can be. Several people went out of their way to pick us up or drop us off or even let us borrow their cars. I'm so grateful to be part of a community, not just stuck in a workplace.
and in other news, UNC DOMINATED OVER DOOK IN CAMERON ON SENIOR NIGHT. Just in case you hadn't heard :) I didn't actually get to watch it, despite getting up at 3 in the morning. Apparently, ESPN has realized the # of people illegally streaming games... but it wouldn't even let me legally watch it! I was willing to pay! I even tried to download software from China, which worked great until I was required to answer questions I couldn't read. oh well.... I still was thrilled to watch the gametracker updates.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

car woes

So last night I took the car to go to the Hollowell house.
I'm still a little nervous about driving stick, but I did fine. I stalled out once on the way there -- no big deal. Serina and I had a good time talking, and I got to eat, talk to the girls, and play with adorable little Drew. And then on the way home, I realized I missed a construction sign and was going down a closed street. I tried to turn around and stalled out. no big deal, I thought. I'll just start again and go on my way. except that the car didn't start. at all.
So there I was, in the middle of the road on a random street in Hungary. I was grateful when someone offered to help me.... except for that pesky language problem. See, I can understand, for the most part, what people say in Hungarian. I just can't respond. And so, for your reading pleasure, I submit the transcript of our conversation. All of his dialogue is my interpretation of what he said; all of my dialogue is exact translation of my horrible Hungarian.
Random Hungarian Man: May I help you?
me: I'm sorry, I only speak a little Hungarian. Do you speak English?
RHM: Sorry, no. you speak a little Hungarian?
me: yes. only a little
RHM: What is the problem?
me: Ummmm... I don't know this closed. I stop and [gesture indicating turn around] and [gesture indicating the car died]. [shrug]
RHM: Ah. I see. May I borrow your keys and try to start your car myself?
me: yes.
RHM: This on your keychain -- it is a security device?
me: yes.
RHM: OK, it looks like you have a problem with the motor. There's no electricity. We will have to push your car. Shall we start?
me: um....I don't understand.
RHM: [very slowly] it looks like you have a problem with the motor. There's no electricity. We will have to push your car. Shall we start?
me: push? [gesture]
RHM: yes, push.
me: in where?
RHM: to there [points up a one way street]
me: ummmm..... my friend-man go here five minutes. so, we wait.
RHM: ok, ok. good luck.
me: Thank you very much.

sigh. It's a good thing I find this funny, because otherwise I'd be utterly depressed.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

from the sidelines

We're mid-tournament (both teams going to finals!), and I'm taking a break. I spent most of the day as a door-Nazi, which means I basically try to catch all the people trying to sneak in forbidden food and drink into the gym. It's not exactly fun. But the tournament itself is, and so is the opportunity to eat and drink American favorites like the Oreos I am currently demolishing. I sometimes forget how much I miss comfort foods from home. Last night we went again to the Mexican place, this time with Aaron and Meg. We realized that this place has only been open for a week and a half, and we've been twice, while Aaron has been three times! So enjoy your Mexican food, steaks, Little Debbie cakes, and Reese's, on behalf of the Americans stranded in Hungary. :)